Thursday, April 24, 2008

Introduktionkursus til LaTeX

Den 30. april skal jeg afholde et introduktions kursus i latex for IDA på Ingeniør Højskolen i København. Her på denne side vil jeg samle henvisninger til de materialer der skal benyttes under kurset.

Forskellige ressourcer

Latex skabeloner
  1. Min nuværende latex skabelon, hent den her.
  2. En ældre skabelon, hent den her.
  3. En ældre skabelon til MAC, hent den her.
Latex referencer
  1. The not so short introduction to latex, link.
  2. Short math guide for latex, link.
  3. The comprehensive latex symbol list, link.
Slides til introduktionskurset
  1. Slides benyttet til kurset, hent det her.
  2. Kildekoden til de benyttede slides, hent det her.
Forskellige mindre latex opgaver
  1. Skrivning af matematik, hent det her.
  2. Overskrifter og indholdsfortegnelse, hent det her.
  3. Referencer og litteraturliste, hent det her.
  4. Lister i latex, hent det her.
  5. Spalter og figurer inde i teksten, hent det her.


Installing latex on windows
  1. Download MikTeX from here.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Start -> All programs -> MikTeX ->
Installing a latex editor on windows

This requires that latex (eg. MikTeX) has been installed.
  1. Download TexnicCenter from: here
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Set path to your MikTeX installation (something like "C:\Programmer\MiKTeX 2.6\miktex\bin\")
  4. Select output profile: "LaTeX => PDF"
  5. Extract my template document and open the file doc\project.tex in TexnicCenter and try to compile it with pdflatex.
  6. During the compilation miktex will ask for permission to install some required packages (fancyhdr, listings, caption, subfig, pgf, xcolor, xkeyval)
  7. In case of trouble install the missing packages via: Start -> All program -> MikTeX 2.6 -> Browse packages
  8. Your document should now have been compiled, examine the generated .pdf file.


Installing latex on linux (ubuntu)
  1. Install the packages: texlive
Installing a latex editor on linux (ubuntu)
  1. Install kile

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Todo notes in Latex as a package

The package has been updated, find the new version at

I have transformed the previously described script into a latex package (pheww, this is my first package, so there may exists some rough edges ...). The source for the package is given below.

The package currently takes three arguments
* disable = [true, false] if false the package will only define empty commands, so no output from the embedded todo commands are generated, but you document will compile
* color = [color values accepted by pgf] Defines the background color of the todonotes and the line connecting the todo note with the place it was inserted in the test.
* bordercolor = [color values accepted by pgf] Defines the border color of the todonotes.

I use the following line to import the package to a document.


I hope that someone will find this usefull.


======= begin: todonotes.sty ========
% Part: Identification

% Part: The package loading part

% Part: Initial code

% Part: The declaration of options

% Part: The main code part
{\section*{Todo list} \@starttoc{tdo}}

\tikzstyle{notestyle} = [draw=\@bordercolor,
fill=\@backgroundcolor, text width = 3cm]
\tikzstyle{notestyleleft} = [notestyle]
\tikzstyle{connectstyle} = [draw = \@backgroundcolor, thick]

% Add to todo list
% Remember where we are
\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture, baseline=-0.75ex]%
\node [coordinate] (inText) {};%
% Make the margin par
\marginpar {% Draw note in right margin
\tikz[remember picture] \draw node[notestyle] (inNote) {#1};%
\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture, overlay]%
([yshift=-0.2cm] inText)
-| ([xshift=-0.2cm] inNote.west)
-| (inNote.west);
======= end: todonotes.sty ========