Thursday, April 17, 2008

Todo notes in Latex as a package

The package has been updated, find the new version at

I have transformed the previously described script into a latex package (pheww, this is my first package, so there may exists some rough edges ...). The source for the package is given below.

The package currently takes three arguments
* disable = [true, false] if false the package will only define empty commands, so no output from the embedded todo commands are generated, but you document will compile
* color = [color values accepted by pgf] Defines the background color of the todonotes and the line connecting the todo note with the place it was inserted in the test.
* bordercolor = [color values accepted by pgf] Defines the border color of the todonotes.

I use the following line to import the package to a document.


I hope that someone will find this usefull.


======= begin: todonotes.sty ========
% Part: Identification

% Part: The package loading part

% Part: Initial code

% Part: The declaration of options

% Part: The main code part
{\section*{Todo list} \@starttoc{tdo}}

\tikzstyle{notestyle} = [draw=\@bordercolor,
fill=\@backgroundcolor, text width = 3cm]
\tikzstyle{notestyleleft} = [notestyle]
\tikzstyle{connectstyle} = [draw = \@backgroundcolor, thick]

% Add to todo list
% Remember where we are
\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture, baseline=-0.75ex]%
\node [coordinate] (inText) {};%
% Make the margin par
\marginpar {% Draw note in right margin
\tikz[remember picture] \draw node[notestyle] (inNote) {#1};%
\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture, overlay]%
([yshift=-0.2cm] inText)
-| ([xshift=-0.2cm] inNote.west)
-| (inNote.west);
======= end: todonotes.sty ========

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