Monday, July 28, 2008

Todonotes version 2008-07-28

The todonotes package has now hit CTAN (the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network) and can be found at

Recently I have received some ideas for improvements (thanks a lot!!!) of my todonotes package for latex. This has lead to a new version of the todonotes package with an improved handling of options (now for both the package and the individual todo command.)

The todonotes package lets you insert small notes in your latex document by the \todo{} command.

Options to the package:
  • disable
  • Make it possible to disable the functionality of the package. If this option is given, the
    commands \todo{} and \listoftodos are defined as commands with no effect. (But you can still
    compile you document with these commands).

  • colorinlistoftodos
  • Show small boxes in the list of todos with the color of the inserted todonotes.

  • dvistyle
  • The default style behaves bad when compiled with latex (some text placement problems). The dvistyle option, changes the visual behavior to avoid this text placement problem.

  • color
  • Sets the default background color of the todonotes

  • bordercolor
  • Sets the border color of the todonotes

  • textwidth
  • Sets the width of the todonotes

Options to the todo command:
  • color
  • Sets the background color of the todonote

  • size
  • Changes the relative size of the todonote

  • list / nolist (default: list)
  • Toggles whether the todo item is shown in the list of todos

  • inline / noinline (default: noinline)
  • Toggles inline view of the todonote

  • line / noline (default: line)
  • Toggles a line that connects the insertion point of the todonote with the note in the margin

Known issues:
  • Rendering differences between pdflatex and latex for items in the list of todos (latex do not break long lines, pdflatex does)

Source code and examples
todonotes.sty : (updated file) (original posted file)
exampledocument.tex :